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I know that this is will help nothing, I am just that pissed of this company. Since 3 years my studio registered lots of models on every big live cam site and erotic shops. Cam4 has the double payment as the others for perfomers (1tk=10c, only 5c from the other) so for that i tried to get also some Models to work for them. Now comes the moment where *** humans give even more *** machines the power over honest humans. Today was the 3rd time, that my models got accused of faking documents for age check. (the last performer was 56 years old, I understand that she must "fake" her document to get accepted because sure she looks below 18)

The image was not even blur, its just, that not every person in the world has a scanner in his house to make perfect images, most performers do it with their phone or cam. A simple mail, with asking for another photo or Id should do it, NO, you get right away a mail saying that your ID is faked, case closed, account banned, deleted whatever, (who cares, this time it was definitely the last time i registered someone there, now is the moment to punish) I have all documents from all my models in perfect order, I even ask for 2 IDs if my model looks to young to be sure myself. I also maintain my own webcam site and we try also to be very correct with registrations to stay inside the law.

One of my models finally got to work on Cam4, from the D.R. barely could move a mouse but very beautiful. She managed to get about 40$ on her first day and was really happy.......until next day....could not get in her account anymore. What happened? a small human mistake, after she finished her show, our technician tried to fix a cam problem on her laptop, but the girl did forget to turn off the show, so the face of the Technician was visible for about 2 minutes, of course without doing something erotic, just watching on the screen to fix things. After complaining about the closed account, I got mail with a picture of the Technician on live chat.....OMG, what a big crime.....I send mail back with explanation, but only got mail back, No help, the guy must submit his ID, which of course he was not willing to do, because of the kind of business we working in. He is Christian and was afraid. No chance, we never got the money, WHICH SHE MADE ALONE ON CAM.

I know more or less, how much money big sites like them make, so my small complain here will change nothing. But I am tired of their BS, so I am trying to get some people with similar problems on Cam4 to make a complain against them for wrong accusation. I do not know it it is allowed here to post contact, so just reply here and maybe someone knows a lawyer helping us.

My only advise for all new performers........if you want keep your fun on that work, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH CAM4

And of course I can not post the photo with the ID, I used for signup, but all mails and IDs are stored in my data base and is available for further investigation.

This person wrote the review because of "accusing of faking documents" of cam4 account from Cam4 and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $30 and wants Cam4 to "legally close cam4".

The most disappointing in user's experience was easy. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following company: Chaturbate. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Cam4 for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Seems Cam4 didn't even celebrate Xmas this year. No fancy santa hat on the logo, no little Xmas pressies on members profile. Seems like even management no longer care


Cam4 sucks I was with them as both a member and a performer and got banned regularly. yet other performers get away with anything they like if they are in with management or deemed by cam4 management as *** enough to make money off .

I got banned for absolutely nothing at all on a regular basis cam4 excuses were abusive comments or not following their rules like charging for things such as insta or snapchat . there are others for instance like deacon summer who abuses viewers of her cam and thinks its funny doesn't do as asked despite a member tipping or giving tokens and cam4 lets her get away with it because she is buddy buddy with a manager who stops any complaint against her ( she openly boasts about it and who the manager is ) my advice to anybody is don't do anything on cam4 its a total and utter rip off and the worst cam site on the internet.

Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands #1246402

Main problems with Cam4 is how it takes weeks to withdraw your earnings. No other site take this long.

You can have money from Chaturbate within 24 hours, it sometime take a whole month for cam4 to transfer money. this is reason people leave the site of other camsites. the management of cam4 have it all wrong.

in time it will need new ownership to survivie.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1230162

Cam4 is a complete rip off. I stopped broadcasting on that site after Kim the manager said she had taken ownership of the Webcam Archiver site.

This was blatant lies. Webcam Archiver is still up and running. So my question to Cam4 was if you now own the site why are the videos still being uploaded and who is receiving the money from the payments people send to the website for the download links? Cam4 banned me for asking this simple question.

Further more to this I then discovered to my horror that a private show I did with only two people present is available on Webcam Archiver, the only thing that explain this being there is Cam4 recording it and upload it themselves!!!!

I urge everyone not to get involved in this corrupt website. I hope one day someone takes legal action against Kim for the reason I listed above.

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