The website cam4.com is nothing but a joke.It used to be a fun place but about 2 years ago they started something called buying tokens.Each token is equal to 1 cent.For example if you bought 20 dollars worth of tokens in cash value it will cost you around 40 dollars.The people who get on their webcams can ask for "tokens" which means money.For example a person can say they will do something for a certain amount of money in "tokens".Many people on there will do things off cam for cash money which makes cam4 mad because they do not make money that way.There are many other people on the site who work for cam4.One of these profiles is called NIKE216.He will come into rooms who are scammers and try and lure others to tip these rooms knowing full well they are scammers.When I say scammers I mean the person on webcam will say they will do something for a certain amount of tokens and then they will logoff and claim their computer crashed.Some rooms make as much as 300 dollars in only one or 2 hours this way.When people complain to cam4 your account will be erased.If you warn others about the rooms that scam your account will be erased.This is a website that needs to have some serious eyes on it for the fraud it allows its users to commit.My advise would be to not buy tokens.I certainly never have.

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Jess #676243

it's the internet, get a life; LOSERS; all of you

Anonymous to Jess Leeds, England, United Kingdom #676246

well said jess the first person I agree with on here, losers all getting worked up over a fictional character such as Mountie-joe . laugh ,,,,,,,,

WTF to Anonymous #676247

these two posts are from the same person!! leeds, England seems to make the most posts on here! ;)

mind your own business to Jess Berlin, Berlin, Germany #676248

Some sad t wats on here get a life, cam4 is *** anyway ive seen the rubbish.Young guys dancing and daft old men throwing money at them why.

All prostitutes who appear on that site, asking for money to see some old ***.Come on guys get in the real world and f uck a real guy not be f ucked by the guys on cam4.

Mountie_Joe #676240

I admit I did you other IDs to post abuse but only to catch out the abuser. Now I'm being blamed for stuff I never did.

Mountie_Joe Leeds, England, United Kingdom #676104

Mountie_Joe rules cam4 even though hes been gone off there for nearly 6 months how sad is that, all these rumours about a guy who is no longer on the site.Ask cam4 if he was abusive to Matt and you will find the answer to that is no.

Ask cam4 who is behind all the fake accounts on cam4 and he will not be the one, ask them to come clean and tell you all who the person is. Yes I was Mountie-Joe and no I was never over abusive, you may say that I said the performers were not str8. So did hundreds of others I was never abusive unlike Adamsland and the fake women such as sarahsucksnow and co. I was never behind any of them accounts if you don't believe me then its your tough luck, don't come on here slagging me off as the abuse still continues still now.

Well it was when I deleted my other account made after joes was deleted by mistake.The sad thing is I never got the chance on there because I was insulted from day one, so many cyber bullies on there and most have written about me on here shame of you all. No Iam not after the sympathy vote I don't want that, just that you are like a pack of wolves so much for human life you are all the pits of that. If you think I will ever go back to cam4 think again iam never going on that site again, its a disgrace the way it treats people who complain as I know. Its up to you if you believe this or not, but I know the world is full of people who just don't want to believe anything.

Ask cam4 if I was ever over...

Now I will not be surprised to see comments about all this, well I don't care what you say cam4 knows everything so iam never going to listen to your *** hatred comments iam. To all of you yesterday you can f off and go get a life.

cam4 f uck it don't bother is my advice to all who are thinking of going on there.:grin :grin :grin

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Geoff to Mountie_Joe #676224

Mountie_Joe was a troll. A google search can bring up many of his comments on profiles. They are almost identical to adamsland. UKEUROVISION AND BIGUYLOVER were just two of Joe's other accounts.

Cam4 banned Mountie_Joe for abuses. BANNED.

So don't try to spin it any other way. You trolled under different names then creeped in as Joe to play victim and suck up to the very same people you were abuses. That's what happened and its not clear for everyone to see.

Go :cry all you like but you've been rumbled. And yes Matt knows it was you. He has always known.

mountie-joe to Geoff Leeds, England, United Kingdom #676229

Believe what you like I know the truth you know f uck all so there ,,,, what do you know was not banned for abuse .You sound like the troll that kept sending me abuse every day you are him.

Just trying to hide behind the fact yes come clean I have. Yes trolls like you hide under bridges dirty filthy you are , Everyday you abuse me and ethelmay and looselips now loosecracks on cam4. Yes you kept saying I was a *** hideous fat and always used ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . Yes I got the abuse why the f uck you say it was me.

I have had enough of you this last year you vile person Geoff is the abuser big time.They will find you out man cam4 do know all about you I reported you often to them.

Yes matt knows f uck all glad I have left such a vile site as cam4 its all a scam.:grin :grin :grin

Anonymous to Mountie_Joe #676227

You are so full of ***!!Mountie_Joe and one of his other joke accounts called EthelMay were both banned by cam4 admin at the exact same time on the exact same day.

Why? because you went too far in your bullying of Bohunkca. Just because he is a social retard doesn't give you the right to harass him. You are a awful person and have been found out.

The amount of accounts you have on cam4 is astounding. You need to get a life.

Expect the Tina_Titus account to make an appearance soon.

That's been quiet for a while.:roll

Hayley Wilkinson to Anonymous #676232

hear hear!!its not the abuse of matt that caused joe and his other accounts to be deleted that day but his harassment of poor bohunkca.

Typical troll.

act like the victim. joe is good at that.

too late.you have been caught out and each time you reappear on cam4 now everyone will know who you are.

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